129. A Nick in Time: 1980-1985 | Oregon to the Second von Bulow Trial

In this Done and Dunne episode, we are going to check in on Dominick Dunne, in the years between 1980 and 1985. Dunne is coming into his third act in these years, from recovery in an Oregon cabin to releasing The Two Mrs. Grenvilles to launching into his new career as an investigative journalist, beginning with the 1985 trial of Claus von Bulow.

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Money, Murder, and Dominick Dunne: A Life in Several Acts, by Robert Hofler (Amazon link)

Fatal Charms and The Mansions of Limbo, by Dominick Dunne (Amazon link)

Dominick Dunne on the Claus Von Bulow case (YouTube link)

FATAL CHARM: The Social Web of Claus von Bülow | Vanity Fair | August 1985 (archive.vanityfair.com)

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