147. Swimming with The Swans (Alicia’s Version) | Episode One, The B Block

In this continuing Alicia’s Version working through the FX/Hulu series from Ryan Murphy, Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, it is time to conquer the B Block of Episode One. 

Included this week is that infamous Private Jet introduction, where Truman Capote upgrades his Swan Set, the coterie he has collected from early days – from Jennifer Jones and the Hollywood Swans through an introduction from David O. Selznick to his Park Avenue Upgrade, Babe Paley.  Also, connecting a new term into the mix – Black Swan Event. It happens at the introduction of Babe and Truman in 1955, and the dinner party, interwoven between fact and fiction, including bits about the origin of the real feud with Ann Woodward, and how it all connects to Claus von Bulow.

Feuds always start from somewhere. Is Truman really going back into 1955 writing in 1975? These mysteries and more, coming as Alicia works through unpacking this series.

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