77. Tis The Damn Season | Debutantes

In this episode, we investigate the world of Debutantes, in all of their gloved glory through time.

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The Season: A Social History of the Debutante, by Kristen Richardson (Amazon link)

The Season: The Glittering History of the Debutante Ball (historyhit.com)

The True Story of Queen Charlotte’s Debutantes in Bridgerton (townandcountrymag.com)

From balls to Bridgerton: a brief history of debutantes and the social season (historyextra.com)

Debutante at Britannica.com

Debutantes (YouTube link)

What Happened to Debutantes? || A History of Court Presentations (YouTube link)

1962: The DEBUTANTES of High Society | Tonight | Classic BBC clips | BBC Archive (YouTube link)

Taylor Swift – willow (Official Music Video) (YouTube link)

New Orleans Black Debutante and Carnival Ball Culture (whereyat.com)

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