89. The Palm Beach Chronicles: Armand Hammer, Charles and Diana, and Mary Sanford

In our continuing discovery of Dominick Dunne’s 1986 quest for the Real Palm Beach, we take a journey back into 1985, when Armand Hammer hosts The Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, for a charity ball at The Breakers on their way home from a very successful visit at the Reagan White House. You know it – it was the one that Princess Diana danced with John Travolta – but there is so much more to the story when the royal couple arrives in Palm Beach. Scandal ensues.

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The Night Princess Diana Wowed at the White House (thecourtjeweller.com)

Prince Charles and Princess Diana dazzled Palm Beach Tuesday… – UPI Archives (upi.com)

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction features Mary Sanford gems (palmbeachdailynews.com)

Why Are Princess Diana & Prince Charles In ‘House of Hammer’? Armie’s Relatives Knew The Royal Family (bustle.com)

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