95. The Palm Beach Chronicles | Gregg Sherwood Dodge and Roxanne Pulitzer

In our continuing quest to find the real Palm Beach, this episodes explores the stories of two of the most infamous women in the scene. First up, Gregg Sherwood Dodge, widowed before her dirty divorce was final from Horace E. Dodge. Next up, Roxanne Pulitzer – one-half of the most famous of all Palm Beach divorces. Her divorce from Peter Pulitzer was all shady business – Roxanne never stood a chance at a fair shake.

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Fatal Charms: And Other Tales of Today, by Dominick Dunne (Amazon link)

The Women of Palm Beach, by Dominick Dunne, April 1986, Vanity Fair (archive.vanityfair.com)

Gregg Dodge, heiress, actress and socialite, dies (palmbeachdailynews.com)

The rise and fall of Dora Mae | Uncategorized | beloitdailynews.com (beloitdailynews.com)

S9E12: Roar | Katy Perry and Russell Brand & Roxanne and Peter Pulitzer – Trashy Divorces (trashydivorces.com)

S3E5: Coconut Telegraph | Marjorie Merriweather Post & Lilly Pulitzer and Peter Pulitzer – Trashy Divorces (trashydivorces.com)

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