Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball

In this episode of Done and Dunne, we are talking about Truman Capote’s Black And White Ball. Held at The Plaza Hotel on November 28, 1966, this was the Party Of The Century. Also, not the original Black and White Ball – that was hosted by the Dominick and Lenny back in 1964.

This episode covers it all – the reason for the party, the planning, the guest list, the fashion, the competition, and all the underlying drama that Truman will pack into his big night. It is quite a ride, and a set-up to future episodes coming in the next few weeks for you too!

For more, check out Alicia’s coverage of Truman Capote’s La Cote Basque, 1965, on a recent episode of Trashy Divorces.

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