102. Capote’s Coterie | The High Society Six: Babe Paley

In this episode, we delve into the life of Babe Paley, the first of Truman Capote’s High Society Six – his infamous Six Swans. Babe’s life, marriages, and style are legendary, as well is her friendship – and subsequent falling out – with Truman Capote.


Capote: A Biography, by Gerald Clarke (Amazon link)

Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball, by Deborah Davis (Amazon link)

The Sisters: Babe Mortimer Paley, Betsey Roosevelt Whitney, Minnie Astor Fosburgh – The Lives and Times of the Fabulous Cushing Sisters, by David Grafton (Amazon link)

It Was a Wonderful Life (The Rake via scribd.com)

American Beauty | Beyond (magazine.stregis.com)

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