72. Disappearing Act | Lucky Lord Lucan: Act I

Welcome to Season 5 of Done and Dunne and our investigation into the mysterious vanishing of Richard John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, also known as Lucky.

John Bingham certainly started life on a lucky streak. This episode delves into Lord Lucan’s background, including his family, early childhood, and meeting his future wife Veronica Duncan. We also introduce our wide cast of characters, all playing in the hot spot of swinging 1960s London, John Aspinall’s Clermont Club, and Mark Birley’s Annabel’s.

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Recommended Reading:

A Moment in Time 2017, by Veronica Lucan (Amazon.com)
Billionaire: The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith, by Ivan Fallon (Amazon.com)


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